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IRM  ( Montreal / 2014 )

( A/V Live) / 25mn

Concept / Visual design / Direction / Music: Bruno Ribeiro
Dancer: Katia Petrowick
DOP: David Wolfer
Assistants: Romain Leblanc et Delphine Chevalier

IRM which is French for MRI, refers to a medical imaging technique that provides 2D and 3D views inside the human body. The performance aims to transform the venue into a gigantic scanner. The audience is at the heart of a sensory experience where light becomes an abstract and musical body, flickering in an unstable universe.

The artist mixes video footage of a dancer with computer-generated sounds and graphics, resulting in a performance designed as a luminous and synaesthetic choreography. This digital doppelganger of the dancer is no longer a representation of a human body, but an abstract kinetic sculpture of her own feelings and fears, which eventually dissolve into the void.